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Welcome to the CMS website.  We are a call center located just outside of Orlando, FL.  We focus on customer satisfaction calls for improved customer relationships.  We offer survey systems that allow you to know what the majority of your customers think about their experience.  We provide an online CRM that allows you to manage all the concerns in real-time. Unlike other systems, we contact 70% - 80% of your customers instead of the 1%- 5% mailed and e-mail systems contact. 

What happens when a customer receives a survey in the mail?  They treat it the same as you and I.  They throw it away with the junk mail.  That is unless they have major issues that they can't wait to tell people about.  In which case, by the time you get the response they have already told their family and friends about the bad experience.  The damage has already been done before you even get an opportunity to correct the concerns.

What happens when a customer receives a survey by e-mail?  Basically the same thing.  It is much easier to hit the delete button that it is to take the time to fill out a survey and send it back.  Again, the only person who can benefit from returning the survey is one who had a negative experience. 

Why are we different?  Well, to start, we make calls so the customers that complete our surveys are the ones that pick up the phone.  This means more of an accurate accessment of performance.  We also contact the majority of the customers so you can handle the majority of the issues instead of just managing 1% - 5% of the issues.  We offer an online CRM so you have the ability to view the responses as soon as the survey is complete.  Think about it, within two days of the customers visit, you will know what their experience was and have an opporunity to resolve any issues.  What would that mean to your repeat business and referrals?  We can show you by offering you a one week trial of our service. 

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"CMS helped helped us get our highest scores ever in just 4 weeks!"
Vicki Jessen - GM
Hampton Inn of Milwaukee
"We went from 73% to 99.7% in customer satisfaction in 6 months using CMS.  It has helped us correct issues we would have never known about and we are now one of the top rated locations through Toyota."
Matt Lutze - GM
Aubrey Alexander Toyota
"Our experience with CMS has been terrific.  They have worked with us beyond the call of duty to help meet our MB-USA manufacturer Business Developement Center requirements.  By out sourcing our calls to CMS we have less expense and improved efficiency- they after all are the experts."
Maria Dunning - GM
Keeler Mercedes-Benz
"You write the testimonial and i'll sign it! I could not be any happier."
John Pcikett - VP
The Staluppi Group

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